Royce Da 5’9 Layers Album Download

Album Download

Royce da 5’9 to Drop New Album ‘Layers’ Next Month

Eminem has always been considered a very popular icon when it comes to the rapping genre. So, it is not really surprising to see that he has actually held such considerable influence over the many aspiring artists in the genre who are trying to make a name for themselves. The same holds true for American Rapper Ryan Daniel Montgomery. Better well known for his stage name Royce Da 5’9, one of the songs that he is featuring in his upcoming album ‘Layers’ is one that conveyed the story of how he met the famous rapper.

It has been noted that the song which as the story of how the two met is titled ‘Tabernacle’. It has since been five long years since Royce Da 5’9 has not dished out a solo album. According to him, the new album ‘Layers’ is such an initial chapter of his life. With this album, he is actually telling his story.

Royce Da 5’9 has even further stated that he is not only passionate about rapping and creating music on his own, but he also loves doing all these with Marshall, with Slaughterhouse, as well as with Premier. According to him, these three effectively inspires him on various creative manners and in other ways.

Not a lot of people are actually aware of the close bond that Royce Da 5’9 shared with Eminem. These two rappers have since shared a healthy relationship and he hopes that with the song Tabernacle he wants to reflect on that first meeting he had with him and how the bond they had together just grew between them over the years.

Simultaneous to the release of the release of the album’s first single. The rapper has also shared the track list for his upcoming album. This came after he has announced the release of the album last week. With this being his first release in more than five years, he rapper promised that this is one album that is going to be quite more retrospective when compared to the previous efforts he has dished out. Of course, that does not mean that its contents are going to be less lyrical. Far from that, actually.

The project features 17 tracks. The rapper has made it a point to utilize quite a number of various producers to get him the right mix of tracks. Among the names that he has successful lined up include Mr. Porter, Jake One, DJ Khalil, as well as Nottz. All of these producers are considered to be as veteran as Nickel Nine himself. In addition, Pusha T and Rick Ross are emcees that have been given the nod to be featured in the album. Both of them appeared in the title track of the album, as well as its 14th song, ‘Layers’.

The rapper has also revealed the album cover through a press release. This is expected to be a reintroduction of the rapper after e has been out of the scene without a solo album for the last five years or more. The new album, Layers, is going to hit the record stores on April 15.

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